Glebe Point Road Apartments
Glebe Point Road Apartments
Glebe Point Road Apartments
Glebe Point Road Apartments
Glebe Point Road Apartments

Feasibility Study

This project was developed over a period of a year for the Body Corporate of this apartment complex overlooking White Bay on Sydney Harbour.

The 30 apartments were split into two distinct blocks with separate entrances off one street frontage.

The 1960’s-vintage building had little aesthetic appeal per se but had potential for an upgrade.

Issues to be addressed included general maintenance, entry definition, lighting, and ballustrading to comply with current building codes. It was also requested that we examine the potential to add balconies to the building as well as to look at landscape aspects.

Potential also clearly existed to overlay a new aesthetic to re-define the building within a more contemporary real estate climate.

We developed a common motif for new entrance canopies to each block incorporating new letterboxes, lighting and balustrades. A common signage language was developed to add clarity for approaching visitors and to give the building more visual presence. The entry features were also designed with diagonally-bladed hardwood timber screens to afford privacy to the lower level master-bedrooms, which currently have little privacy due to the proximity of the entry ramps.

Balconies were added to master-bedrooms on the front façade of the major block with suitable individual privacy screens and new soft landscape elements.

Particular attention was paid to developing a colour scheme, which would contrast with the existing neutrality of the body colour brickwork and add a contemporary edge. Differing viewpoints within the Body Corporate however, lead to uncertainties in funding and scope of work to be undertaken, and this is currently still under review.

Outcome : Opportunities explored with a tangible proposal tabled for further consideration by the Body Corporate.


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Glebe Point Road Apartments

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