Terrace House Chippendale
Terrace House Chippendale
Terrace House Chippendale
Terrace House Chippendale

City fringe terrace extensively renovated including upper level attic addition

The interior was opened up and new kitchen and bathrooms were inserted. An existing ill-planned laundry, which had blocked the visual connection to a rear courtyard, was repositioned internally. The new ground floor bathroom utilised a glass block window installed to flood natural light into the space while achieving privacy and added security at the rear. Floor finishes were updated and the interior repainted.

Several furniture items were custom designed and manufactured including the Galerie Bench © & Aperture Table © . Other furniture and fittings were also sourced and installed.


The resultant home has 4 bedrooms , plus a large study/office, 2 new bathrooms, new kitchen and guest accommodation at the rear.

A spiral staircase was employed from the ground floor Garden Room giving access to a separate guest bedroom above, overlooking the landscaped courtyard.

The rear Guest Area was sequestered from the galley kitchen ( through which access was gained ) by the inclusion of a custom-designed acoustically rated bi-fold door. This door, which can be seen in the open position in the kitchen photograph adjacent to the microwave, was one of a series of modest but very functionally important elements used in the renovation.

The stage light in the kitchen, similarly brings an idiosyncratic but practical touch to the modern, colourful feel, by introducing softly diffused artificial light into the kitchen. New kitchen windows were configured to give more connection to the elongated interior light-well.

The terrace was also used as a home office with the Living Area doubling as a Reception Space.

Outcome : The good bones of the terrace were fleshed out with modern upgrades and the critical inner-city imperative of connecting interior to exterior to extend living space was successfully achieved, animating the rear courtyard in the process.

The dual functions of home and office were successfully managed while achieving an aesthetic balance between these two differing aspects.


Terrace House Chippendale

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