Feng Shui 1 : Chippendale Terrace
Feng Shui 1 : Chippendale Terrace
Feng Shui 1 : Chippendale Terrace
Feng Shui 1 : Chippendale Terrace
Feng Shui 1 : Chippendale Terrace

ANCIENT CHINESE Feng shui & Colonial Australia COMBINE

Feng Shui, literally meaning “wind and water,” is a traditional Chinese concept linking an individual’s destiny to their living or working environment aiming to ensure that people live in harmony with their surroundings.

It involves assessments of 3-dimensional design combined with an appreciation of those who use the space in question. We use this upon request for clients to assist in our initial ideas for projects.

Case Study 1 :  Chippendale Terrace House : Feng Shui carried out on this project revealed 3 major issues with the house and owners in the following areas:

1. Career/Helpful People : New appropriately located business signage and exhibition panels opened up new business opportunities almost immediately for the owner with several new “helpful” clients commissioning new work.

2. Family & Health : Existing challenges in family relationships and wellbeing were eased by revitalising a rather neglected Light Well with new drainage, planting & maintenance.

3. Relationships : The existing rear bathroom was extremely problematic in all regards. It had a termite nest in the ceiling and walls, had poor fixtures and leaking windows. All of these were addressed in the renovation. Subsequent to a relationship break-up it was discovered that the main sewer line from this bathroom was leaking effluent into a neighbouring basement ! This was promptly addressed of course !

Outcome : Business and Relationship aspects concerning the owner were addressed and “de-bugged” with the combined application of FengShui principles & a robust technical appraisal of building services.

Feng Shui 1 : Chippendale Terrace

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