Access All Areas………….for the humans at least!

With a new puppy added to family life, we wanted to improve access to the side passage in our home and address some other issues in this location.

The side door was served by an existing dilapidated brick stair.

With uneven treads, no handrails and privacy problems with our neighbours, (we looked straight into their living room!) we took the opportunity to upgrade.

Side Passage :
Upgraded Access Stairs with new privacy sunscreens

Firstly, the existing stair and landing was fully waterproofed using using a swimming pool paint to ensure it’s long-term stability.

Secondly, floating treads with sandstone coloured tiles were installed to make the stair safer and tie the tread aesthetic into colours of existing pavers.

Thirdly, a screen enclosure was designed using lightweight modules (generally used in green-roofs and retaining wall installations)

The screens provide safety for kids and puppy on the landing, privacy screening and additional shading from a fierce western sun.

A sliding gate in the same screen module material was designed to control access along the passageway for the puppy, so as to restrict access only to paved areas when the garden is muddy.

These modules are also used on a Cubby at the rear and on puppy enclosures inside the house.

New LED lighting was installed and touches of greenery added to soften the feel of the stairs.

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