Craig Jin, Associate Professor
BS (Stanford University), MS (CalTech), PhD (The University of Sydney)
Project: Lab265 University of Sydney.

The School of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Sydney has recently refurbished Lab 265, our primary electronics-teaching laboratory for the undergraduate curriculum. With Colin Brown of Arena Design Architects as lead consultant, we have been able to establish a state of the art facility, which is now an iconic element in the School’s educational credentials.

Colin was able to work within all our technical and teaching parameters while still ensuring a warm, welcoming space that engages students and provides an environment that is a pleasure to lecture and teach within. Colin’s big-picture vision was apparent to us very early in the design process and his ongoing attention to all of the little details ensured the lab is a wonderfully engaging space for students and staff alike. The design also fosters the Collaborative Learning approach, which underpins our educational methodologies.

Working with Colin was an absolute pleasure: he was up-front, direct, thoughtful, creative and resourceful, and most of all supportive of our design and usage objectives. Craig Jin, Associate Professor

Wayne Davis, Manager Waste Services & Technical Support Orange City Council
Project: Orange Regional Environmental Learning Facility ( ELF ) Orange City Council

Colin & the team at Arena Design Architects met all the brief requirements when we built this wonderful multi-function centre for learning in Orange. Otherwise known as the “ELF”, this building provides a working demonstration of technologies available to everyone to lead more ecologically sustainable lifestyles. The building uses classic passive solar principles supported with photovoltaic panels and unique building materials & inclusions such as waterless composting toilet; rammed earth walls and recycled timbers & decking. The building harvests its own roof water and is surrounded by a permaculture garden that is nurtured by local community volunteers.

The Orange Regional Environmental Learning Facility not only looks great, but is an iconic structure that also blends well into its surroundings. Colin’s attention to detail, regular site attendance prior to and during construction and eagerness to please his client is reflected in the finished product we see today. Wayne Davis, Manager

Sarah Fogg, Glebe NSW
Project: Glebe Semi

I found Colin a real pleasure to work with. We talked through many iterations during the development process for the renovations and together came up with a design that worked for me and suited the style of my house. Colin’s attention to detail and close working relationship with the builders also paid dividends. I’m very pleased with the end product which has resulted in home which is so much more livable than it was previously. Sarah Fogg







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