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lineage 2 revolution ost
Ключевые слова: Lineage2 Revolution – Netmarble, Mobile Lineage 2: Revolution | VK, Lineage 2 OST (Soundtrack) - YouTube, Lineage 2: Revolution – Netmarble, ost lineage 2 скачать бесплатно в mp3 и слушать онлайн , Lineage2 Revolution – Netmarble, DJMBot - Bot SevenKnight, Lineage2 Revolution and Any .
lineage 2 revolution ost, ost lineage 2 скачать бесплатно в mp3 и слушать онлайн , Lineage2 Revolution – Netmarble, DJMBot - Bot SevenKnight, Lineage2 Revolution and Any .
Опубликовано: 9 июн. 2015 г.LINEAGE 2 ONE OF THE MOST EPIC PC MMORPG EVER MADEDISCLAIMERThis video and my channel will never be monetized, I do not own any of this soundtracks or images on this video and this video is only for entertainment purposes, from a Lineage 2 Fan.The music used in this video are only for recreational and entertainment purposes, all the rights goes to NCSOFT and the soundtrack composers, no copyright infringement intended.___________There is a MMO that I would recommend to everyone including my friends or even someone that did not played a mmorpg before, If you haven't tried Guild Wars 2 you should try it because you are missing a beautiful game.___________(I DON'T TALK ENGLISH, IM FROM ARGENTINA, SORRY, ILL DO MY BEST)(My Thoughts on Lineage 2) :Lineage 2... This is one of those "legendary" games that made history, Lineage 2 was extremely popular and still is, kind of... currently, the playerbase is scattered in thousands of privates servers throughout the world, someone might like playing the Old School Lineage 2 or someone prefers the modern version of the game, the majority of the playerbase left the official server and got into a private server, but... people will get bored of playing the same chronicle over and over, and it makes Lineage 2 a game wich you might play it for months and then leave it, and then come back, and then leave again and come back. If you haven't played Lineage 2 before and you wanna play it right now you will not have the same experience as the veterans players because the game changed a lot since then... that's why there are Classic Servers.Enough of that... Something that I really like about Lineage 2 is... the nostalgia really hits you hard whit this game in particular... just by listening this video, only those who played the game for soo many years feel this... and some of them might even cry just by listening to all these beautiful songs this magical MMO has.And I will never forget all the hours of grinding I had in Lineage 2, It's was a long... epic... nostalgic... emotional... magical journey... If a time machine existed, I would go back in time just to experience this game from the beginning.This game is IMMERSIVE, the map is HUGE, the bosses are HUGE, the music is EPIC, EMOTIONAL, NOSTALGIC. And THIS is why I love Lineage 2 soo much...Thank you :)Español/Spanish(My Thoughts on this game described in my native language)¿Porque el Lineage 2 es tan bueno? Solo las personas que lo hayan jugado por años lo entenderán, la nostalgia de las canciones, tantas horas jugando, entre miles de otras cosas que contiene el juego, lo cual esas personas nunca van a olvidar... este juego tiene mucho poder nostálgico, sinceramente para mi, es uno de los mejores mmorpg de la historia, con un soundtrack que llega al alma y con una historia que da mucho que pensar, uno de los mejores soundtrack en la historia de los videojuegos, yo mismo, escribí algo así como esto pero como el triple de largo, y ya la descripción era tan larga que no me dejaba guardarla, para que entiendan que de verdad este juego en su tiempo era increíble... y yo podría escribir un libro de toda mi aventura en Lineage 2 que hasta este día lo sigo recordando perfectamente. agradezco a la persona que se tomó unos minutos para leer esto, gracias por entenderme.Lineage 2 Classic Is the Way to GoThank you all, have a nice day.E-P-I-C MMORPGOld School Lineage 2 Club . Laman Resmi Lineage2 Revolution - Era Baru Mobile MMORPG yang Sesungguhnya. Lineage 2: Revolution ранее называемая как Lineage: Dawn of Aden или project S. Это совместный проект NcSoft и Netmarble .
lineage 2 revolution ost, Lineage2 Revolution – Netmarble, Mobile Lineage 2: Revolution | VK.
lineage 2 revolution ost, Lineage 2 OST (Soundtrack) - YouTube, Lineage 2: Revolution – Netmarble.
Lineage 2 OST (Soundtrack) Erwin Schrodinger; 2:39. Play next; Lineage II Ost With soul and victorious weapons. Official Lineage 2: Revolution Website - Experience this amazing real-time MMORPG on your mobile device! lineage 2, lineage 2 revolution, lineage 2 mobile, lineage 2 . Lineage II Within Temptation - Angels(OST Lineage 2 Interlude) OST Lineage 2 - Elven village (мой 2 любимый город) OST Lineage 2 - Hunter Viladge OST . Official Lineage2 Revolution Website - Experience this amazing MMORPG on your mobile device!. Lineage 2 Revolution. Feature Download. PLAY THE GAME EASIER With THE DJM BOT. FEATURED Featured DJMBot Lineage2 Revolution. FLEXIBILITY. 1. Support Windows 7 . With challenging new raid bosses and new character advancement options, Lineage II Classic: Saviors prepares you for a new wave of classic foes!.
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